Instructor Rating

FAA License Requirements - Helicopter Flight Instructor (Part 61)

To be eligible for a helicopter flight instructor certificate or rating a person must:

1) Hold either a Commercial Pilot certificate or Airline Transport Pilot certificate with:

a. A Rotorcraft - Helicopter rating

b. There are no minimum hours required specifically for the CFI rating.

2) An instrument rating is not required for a Helicopter Flight Instructor

3) A person who is applying for a flight instructor certificate for a rotorcraft category rating with a helicopter class rating must?receive and log flight and ground training from an authorized instructor on the areas of operation listed below.

a. Fundamentals of instructing;
b. Technical subject areas;
c. Preflight preparation;
d. Preflight lesson on a maneuver to be performed in flight;
e. Preflight procedures;
f. Airport and heliport operations;
g. Hovering maneuvers;
h. Takeoffs, landings, and go-arounds;
i. Fundamentals of flight;
j. Performance maneuvers;
k. Emergency operations;
l. Special operations; and
m. Postflight procedures.

4) Pass a knowledge test (Written Exam) on the Fundamentals of Instruction (FOI) areas unless the applicant:

a. Holds a flight instructor certificate or ground instructor certificate issued by the FAA;
b. Holds a teacher's certificate issued by a State, county, city, or municipality that authorizes the person to teach?at an educational level of the 7th grade or higher; or
c. Is employed as a teacher at an accredited college or university.

5) The Fundamentals of Instruction Knowledge Test, includes:

a. The learning process;

i. Elements of effective teaching;
ii. Student evaluation and testing;

b. Course development;
c. Lesson planning; and
d. Classroom training techniques.

6) Pass a Knowledge Test (Written Exam) on the aeronautical knowledge areas for a helicopter private and?commercial pilot certificate.

7) Pass the required practical test (Also known as the Checkride, which includes a flight and oral portion).