Instrument Rating

FAA License Requirements - Instrument Rating (Part 61)

Instrument Rating Applicants must have at least a Private Pilot License & a valid 3rd Class (or better) FAA medical certificate.

Flight Time:
50 Hours Cross Country PIC Flight Time (10 must be in a helicopter) This includes flights to satisfy prior ratings?40 Hours Actual or Simulated Instrument training (dual); including

- Up to 20 hours may be in a Simulator or Flight Training Device (FTD)*
- 100 NM IFR Cross Country Flight in a helicopter
- 3 Hrs. of Preparation for the practical test (Checkride) within 60 days of the test

Some of the required training hours would already have been completed during your Private Pilot training and will count towards your Instrument rating.

* Horizon may not always have sufficient Instrument Students to justify a weekly group Ground School, Individualized Ground Instruction is available for a fee; or, Instrument Students may utilize Home Study courses on their own. Call for details.